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    Q: Do all your products carry the One-Year Breakage Warranty? 

    A: Yes, you can buy ZACWAY sunglasses from our website without hesitation. We offer 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and ONE-Year Breakage Warranty on Frame & Lens.


    Q: How can I contact you?

    A: The best way to contact us is to message us via Facebook Messenger or email us at cs@zacway.com with your OrderID Number, if possible.


    Q: Are the Zacway fashion styled sunglasses just for men, or for both men and women?

    A: They are for both men and women and even for juniors.


    Q: Will your glasses protect me from harmful UV-rays?

    A: All the Zacway sunglasses are UV400 and can truly block UVA and UVB rays, and they can offer good protection for your eyes. 


    Q: Can I return the glasses if I don't like them?

    A: If for any reason they will not fit your needs, Zacway accepts an exchange or return for you, within the 30 day window from the date of purchase.


    Q: Are all sunglasses available in different sizes? 

    A: Each style is available in one size which is indicated in the product description, but we carry a large variety of frames in various sizes to fit almost every face.


    Q: Are all Zacway sunglasses with 100% polarized lens?

    A: All Polarized Series of Zacway sunglasses are equipped with a set of polarized lens, which is 100% polarized lens, you can test it with the polarized tester card come with the sunglasses set.

    Q: How do I clean my sunglasses?

    A: Simply wipe them with the microfiber cleaning cloth that comes with your Zacway sunglasses. You can also clean your lenses by rinsing them with lukewarm water and mild soap, but is important to avoid using hot water to clean your lenses as it can damage the lens coatings and the sunglasses.


    You may refer to our article: How to properly clean your sunglasses?


    Q: What is a spring hinge?

    A: There is a little spring in the hinge of the sunglasses.  Our spring hinge provides a secure, comfortable fit with a greater range of motion. 


    Q: What is adjustable nose piece? 

    A: Our nose piece is adjustable.  When you found your sunglasses sitting too high or too low, you may adjust the positions of the nose pieces GENTLY, so as to make it sit fit on your face.  However, when you adjust the nose pieces, please do the gently to avoid breakage.


    Q: The item I want is out of stock.  Will it be back in stock?

    A: In some cases, items will come back into stock, but we cannot guarantee that.  You may contact us at cs@zacway.com, so that we can inform you at once, when they are refilled.